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The Triadic Tarot of 2017

A new presentation in the Tarot tradition, this very different deck stands alone as a fully functioning Tarot in its own right; but more important, it is designed to teach an updated version of the reading method first published by Papus in 1896.

Its images resemble those of old block printed cards, recalling many historical decks, but it does include new graphic inventions. Most different, is the arrangement of the motifs of the Minor Arcana. Each Triadic pip square combines the images of several traditional pips in a way that clarifies the groupings of the triadic reading method, and it makes them memorable (see the Triad of Commencement in the suit of Rods left and center below). The triadic reading method opens the door to your enjoyment of the Tarot de Marseille or any NSP Tarot.

How is this deck different?

  1. The Triadic Tarot cards are square so trumps have four possible orientations to affect interpretation.
  2. Each pip square has multiple images so only the top image, always upright, is read.
  3. All 78 images appear on just 38 cards. Four optional cards are also provided for a total of 42.
  4. This deck has a 60 page LWB (Little White Book) that explains the triadic reading method.

See individual cards discussed underARTICLES in the menu. More cards are shown under MARSEILLES MINIS. Try these short exercises to see how the cards relate to each other in a spread. To order this deck, click ORDER FORM in the menu below.  ($37.00 + Shipping)