In the book, The Tarot: A Strange and Wondrous Thing, there is a section titled, “Mysteries in the Cards.” It says that the greatest mystery of the Tarot is how and when the trump images were brought together, where it happened and by whom. But there are smaller mysteries within the images themselves. It is possible that there are people living today whose families loved the cards and passed down information. It would have been extremely dangerous to do this while living under the scrutiny of the Church that resented anything outside of its teachings. Still, it is possible. Maybe you can add to the precious and growing legacy of information about this wonderful tool for reflection.

In card XVII, The Star, the water flowing from the ewer in the maiden’s left hand flows strangely behind and beneath the heel of her right foot. This is evident in almost all Marseilles-style decks going all the way back to the 1650 Jean Noblet Tarot.

Could this have simply been a meaningless detail copied for hundreds of years, or did it have a specific meaning?  Even if it was initially meaningless, it might have acquired an interesting meaning. Can anyone explain it?

If you have had a personal inspiration or can contribute a possible interpretation that may be pure conjecture, I’d love to hear it. Whatever the case, you will be given credit however you choose—your full name—your first name, city and state OR you can remain anonymous. Don’t be shy! Please email:    ###