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     YOUR QUESTIONS & TIPS—Discussion about the Marseilles-style Fool. 

     34 MOONS—See the moon cards of 34 different Marseilles-type decks, AND enjoy a musical treat at the end.

     MARSEILLES MINIS are short exercises. Illustrated with the Triadic Tarot, the interpretations apply to any non-scenic pip deck.

     BOOKS & DECK REVIEWS–Rare books & decks about European-style Tarots

♦ An INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR  Neuroscience based performance coach, Dan Johnson, interviews the author here: https//www.vibrationalintelligence.com/18-tarot-techniques-marseilles-tarot-triadic-tarot-with-annette-wakulenko.html    Connect with Dan and to listen to other interesting interviews with teaching professionals. https://www.centerforspirit.com/podcast.html    Please note that you can now more easily order the little tan book below by simply emailing me your snail mail address (I will pay postage!) Annette@ArcanaPress.net 

THAT OLD DECK IN A DRAWER    If you have a Marseilles-type Tarot, maybe one of these, you can learn to read it. There is no need to buy a new deck—practice with the one you have. The little tan book below teaches the triadic method for reading non-scenic pips. 

A Gift for You or a Tarot Friend

In the interest of promoting traditional NSP Tarots, ArcanaPress will send you its little tan book FREE. It teaches an updated version of the triadic reading method first published by Papus in 1896. Yes, the same one in the Little White book packed with the cards, and of course in the large book. Wrap it creatively as a surprise gift for a Tarot friend (if you can bear to part with it)! Use this link to send me your address: Annette@ArcanaPress.net   ORDER WHILE THEY LAST

Tarot is a fascinating topic for your library, bookclub, metaphysical meet-up or gathering of friends. I offer a FREE 90-minute lecture (with screen presentation and handouts) on the old common Tarots of Europe to anyone who would like to host such an event within the greater Toledo, Ohio area. A host may, of course, charge attendees. Tea and coffee shops might sponsor a lecture (or series of weekly lectures) for a fee that includes a beverage and snack. This may attract new customers! My only compensation is that I be allowed to sell my book and/or cards to those interested in purchasing (no obligation). Open the door to your enjoyment of the Tarot legacy. Email: Annette@ArcanaPress.net to learn more.


The Triadic Tarot of 2017

For Tarot enthusiast who loves old traditional European Tarots but cannot figure out how to read their non-scenic pips. The Triadic Tarot of 2017 and its “Little White Book” makes the triadic reading method easy to learn and remember. See CARDS in the menu. MARSEILLES MINIS, (also in the menu) are short exercises illustrated with this deck.

The Tarot: A Strange and Wondrous Thing

An in-depth book about the old common Tarots of Europe. Learn to read non-scenic pips, but also Tarot philosophy, symbolism, color, spreads, and spread analysis. There are charts, graphs, illustrations, and book and deck reviews. (Color throughout) See BOOKS (in the Menu) to read 7 pages of excerpts.

Cards and Books are very limited 1st Editions and sold separately. Questions? Email Annette@ArcanaPress.net

Sherryl E. Smith, a long-time Tarot enthusiast, writer and reviewer, specializes in historic deck reproductions and recreations. Take the link Tarot-heritage.com and at the bottom under Categories/Tarot Books find: A Tarot de Marseille Book for EveryoneThe review includes a sample reading. Visit her site often for great information.