The Tarot: A Strange and Wondrous Thing

This is not the usual book on Tarot. Most reference the images of the Rider Waite Pack, first published in England in 1909—little more than 100 years ago—and they use an interpretive system based on teachings of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an English metaphysical school. What has been missing, are books teaching other traditions.

This book focuses on the old common Tarots of Europe, a long tradition of block-printed cards that culminated in the iconic deck by Nicolas Conver. This style of cards is known today as “The Tarot de Marseille.” Its images are discussed in detail as to symbolic significance, suits, elemental associations, color, Tarot philosophy, and number symbolism.

Tarot forum participants often ask, “How can I learn to read the Tarot de Marseille? What books should I read?”

The answer is: This book. It is filled with related history and symbolic associations, and it teaches an updated version of a relatively simple, historically based method for reading NSP (non-scenic pip) decks based on mentally dividing pips 1-9 into three groups that represent the classic stages of any undertaking.  It makes rational and intuitive sense. But this book goes further; it introduces a deck that makes the groups especially easy to learn and remember. See CARDS in the menu. With or without the new deck, this book will bring a new appreciation of the Tarot, and let you enjoy and actually read the fascinating historic reproduction decks now available.

See a REVIEW OF THIS BOOK by beloved Tarot enthusiast and author, Sherryl E. Smith. Sherryl specializes in Tarot history and historic reproduction decks now available. Visit her site: and visit often to learn about decks and books you may not have known existed. Click Blog and Tarot Books. This book is introduced asA Tarot de Marseille Book for Everyone“.

Read excerpts from the book itself, 7 complete pages, below.

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